Thursday, January 14, 2010

Secret #1 for Saving Thousands When Finding and Financing your New Home

Two things you need to consider here:

You may need a 4 bedroom because of children but you also know you want a certain school... What do you do if you cannot afford both?

What you will find is your needs are fairly basic. It's the "wants" that take a little more time to clarify. Here is a list of needs you should consider BEFORE looking for your home:

1. General price range of home - we'll cover this ahead when discussing financing options and the amount of home you can afford.

2. Approximate size of home (decide on a reasonable range.)

3. General location, area, or subdivision.

4. # of bedrooms required (don't forget to include home office or guest rooms needed).

5. # of bathrooms

6. Style and layout of home: Do you want a more formal plan or a contemporary plan with great room design.

7. School requirements, job location (where are the best areas for both)

8. Check out the "First Time Buyer Credit and the Move-up Credit.

Stay tuned for "Secret #2"


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