Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Many, many newer homes being inspected find this
as a minor issue:

Inspectors have equipment that allows them to take a fairly close look at roofs. What they generally find on a newer roofs is that the tow board holes have not been sealed. Toeboards are those boards that are placed on the roof for the installer to put their feet on so they do not slip off the roof. These boards are nailed in. Once the roof is installed, the boards are taken off and the holes where the nails are, are to be caulked. The best thing for them to do would have been to replace that particular shingle tab and seal the holes from the nails. Many builders forget to do this. If not done eventually water will penetrate thru those holes.

If you’re buying a brand new home "OR ANY HOME, GET AN INSPECTION" let me encourage you to get it inspected. Most of the time, it will be minor issues that if left uncovered will cause larger issues not to far down the line. These things are found during a routine home inspection.

More tips to come.